Our simple guide to the complex world of bedding

Our simple guide to the complex world of bedding

Fabric Chart

Fabric Chart

Threadcounts – quality, not quantity

Threadcounts on their own are little more than marketing gimmicks. Although they are important, so is the yarn, structure, finish and crafting expertise.

After two years of research, we decided that 300 threadcount using 100% natural, single-ply fibres, guarantees the absolute best in terms of price, quality and comfort.

  • 300 single-ply cotton

    Fewer threads per inch, made from fine, single ply yarn, for a higher quality feel.

  • 600 double-ply cotton

    Higher threadcounts are often achieved by twisting together multiple threads. This results in a coarser texture and poorer quality.

Single-ply yarn

The less yarns are twisted together, the finer and softer the texture of the finished piece will be.

Multi Ply Yarn

Two- and three-ply yarns allow companies to artificially inflate their threadcount. This results in a poorer quality bedding.

The fibres that we use to spin the cotton are known as long-staple. The longer the cotton fibres are, the stronger and smoother the fabric will be. Our cotton produces a fabric which is more supple and smooth to touch.

Long Staple Fibres

Less ends exposed for a stronger, smoother and softer fabric

Short Staple Fibres

More ends exposed resulting in a weaker, rougher fabric with a higher tendency to pill

It's all about the mix

Cotton source

Just like the perfect cup of coffee, a mix of fine ingredients are always best. That’s why we’ve curated a mix of natural fibres from around the world. Rather than settling for a single source we’ve sourced a range of materials from Spain, Turkey, India and beyond. Our organic flax for our linen bedding comes from Normandy, France.

We continuously monitor cotton quality from around the world, hand-picking the finest threads available on the market. That means you are always getting the highest quality possible. 

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